Holidaying in the Tour du Mont Blanc

Tour du Mont Blanc Holiday Highlights

  • The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of World’s most famous and greatest holiday hiking trails.
  • Well known in the UK, USA, Canada and Australasia
  • Hiking through the Alpine landscapes with spectacular mountain view
  • Peak season occurs in the second week of June till mid-September
  • Hotel and accommodation based tour with transport and cable car support
  • Book reservations in advance

Planning for your holiday in the Tour du Mont Blanc

Your work/study leave must be planned around the time the season of the TMB starts; which is usually from July until it ends in September. You will have to book ahead to be a part of a particular season and ensure no traveling issues (visas and the like).

When you book with us, you are sure to have an amazing experience and seamless forms of booking. Check out our booking conditions to learn further.

The Tour De Mont Blanc Holiday Experience

Whether you are hiking the TMB alone or in group, you are sure to enjoy the amazing scenery of Alpine landscapes, snowy mountains, the Courmayeur (where you will hang out after a long-day trekking), the hotels, food, wine, and meeting people from all walks of life. You will also have the opportunity to pass through three countries while trekking. The experience starts from the hotel in Charmonix Valley (South-Eastern France) where you will lodge and drop your heavy baggage before the trekking begins.

One interesting fact is there are many ways to enjoy holidaying on a Tour du Mont Blanc. Some trek the whole experience (clockwise or anti-clockwise), while others take shortcuts using transport and cable cars for parts of their tours. One thing is for sure, we will always be there for you throughout the amazing Tour du Mont Blanc holiday experience.

Being Fit for the Tour

Training for the tour is equally as important as reservations, especially for not so regular hikers. Even if you are an experienced trekker, you still need to prepare yourself for the journey. Why else do you think athletes train before every game? It is better to suffer in training than suffer during holidays. You should expect daily walks of between 6 and hours, ultimately staying outdoors for up to 8 hours. So if you are the type that does not work out at all or does some exercise once a month, you will need to get fit in advance.

Packing for the Mont Blanc Holiday

Everyone faces the same struggle with packing. When we are planning a journey we always want to pack everything — the items we need and the ones we don’t. This is what makes hiking harder, when fatigue sets in, your 25 pounds backpack will feel like 50.

You can find a good list of equipment here.

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