The Alps: A Landscape as Challenging as It Is Scenic

The Alps stretch for 700 miles from idyllic southern France to the jagged coast of the Adriatic Sea in Albania, visiting picturesque destinations in Europe like Switzerland and northern Italy on their way and cresting 15,771ft (4,807m) at Mont Blanc.

Tour du Mont Blanc

It is from the aforementioned alpine zenith that the famous European long-distance walk, the Tour du Mont Blanc, takes its name.  Expanding 170 km (110 miles) in distance and 10 km (6.2miles) in ascent, the walk circumnavigates the Mont Blanc massif and will challenge your resilience as a trekker and at the same time awe you with spectacular scenery.

Join Salamander Adventure this season on a Tour du Mont Blanc; you will have enthralling tales for your family and friends upon your return.

Alpine Wildlife 

One of the many spectacles of exploring the Alps is the sighting of wildlife all through the hike. With many European countries dishing out wildlife conservation laws, the Alpine fauna is blossoming, and Salamander Adventures can expose you to its glory.

  • If you meet the agile goat-like chamois on a Tour du Mont Blanc, announce your presence and watch them climb up to 1000m in around 15 minutes.
  • You will definitely see many ibexes, with their rigid, scimitar-shaped horns, during a hike. There are over 40,000 of them in the Swiss Alps alone.
  • The majestic red deer is another species roaming the Alps. Watch out for herds of thirty or more deer. With their forked horns, they are a spectacle worth capturing with your camera.
  • Then there are the Alpine Marmots. They are not just great burrowers. They are loud whistlers.
  • If you happen upon foxes during a Tour du Mont Blanc, perhaps you will finally discover why they are portrayed as mischievous.

There are various other wild animals waiting for you on Salamander Adventures’ Alpine walks—animals like nuthatches, bears (they are rare), wolves (also rare), snakes, lizards, and many more.

When to Visit the Alps 

Summer is the most suitable season. 

The weather of the Alps can be magical and can cook up a good snowfall in a summer afternoon, although a usual summer’s day in the rough-landscaped mountain network is sunshiny, with sporadic rainfall. When it does snow in summer, expect the higher passes to be covered up to two-inches high. The snow veils don’t last though—perhaps, with a favourable weather, they fade in a day or two at most.

Touring with Salamander Adventures

Are you hungry for adventure? Do you long to walk through pine-scented woodlands or admire glaciers as they gleam in the summer sun? Do you dream of swishing through mosaic meadows? Or are you just looking for challenging mountains to conquer?

Join Salamander Adventures on our next Tour du Mont Blanc and experience wonders so memorable the pleasant thoughts of them will be with you for the rest of your life.

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