Highest Point of the Tour Du Mont Blanc

highest point - Highest Point of the Tour Du Mont Blanc

Adventure seekers can’t help but add the beautiful mountainous massif to their bucket list. But how mountainous is the Tour du Mont Blanc really? What is the highest point of the Tour du Mont Blanc?

The Highest point of Tour du Mont Blanc

The TMB trek circles the Mont Blanc massif, starting and ending at the historic Chamonix valley, located at the base of Mont Blanc in the French Alps. The tour extends from France through Italy and Switzerland on its route to Mont Blanc.

Anybody embarking on the trail hikes through 165 km, ascends almost 10 km, and covers five major mountain passes before completing at the valley.

The lowest point on the Tour du Mont Blanc is 1000 metres (3300 ft.) and the highest point on the trek is around 2600 metres (8500 ft.) – a stunning overnight stop point on the Mont Blanc trek. Generally, trekkers walk for an average of 6-7 hours each day and finish the tour after 10 days. Truly amazing!

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