Pointe Helbronner

Pointe Helbronner forms one part of the French and Italian border high in the mountains. It is 3,466m high and can be reached by cable car.

pointe helbronner - Pointe Helbronner
Pointe Helbronner
is an obvious summit that can be easily seen from Courmayeur and La Palud,where many trekkers stay on the Tour du Mont Blanc. It forms part of the Alpine mountain border between France and Italy. Most hikers will take a rest day in Courmayeur as it is mid-way along the TMB and has lots of shops, cafes and restaurants. It also has the newly-built Sky Way cable car that replaced the old Helbronner cable car and is well worth visiting / riding on your day off.

The Sky Way Monte Bianco takes you to Punta Helbronner at 3466m. The cable car was completed in 2015 and connects to the French system of cable cars that take you above the glaciers to the Aiguille du Midi that overlooks Chamonix. The Sky Way Monte Bianco is even more fun as it revolves as you ascend giving you a 360 degree view of the mountains.


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