Eccles Refuge

Eccles refuge is a cabin on Pic Eccles, a mountain 4041m or 13258ft above sea level in the Val D’ Aosta. The mountains in the region above four thousand metres are notable summits for climbers, points of study for geologists and have all hosted countless expeditions over the last 150 years.

Pic Eccles received its namesake following the summit-seeking mountaineer and geology expert, Englishman James Eccles’s successful climb to its top. This first official record of this was in 1877, and Eccles was accompanied by Alphonse and Michel Payot, before following on to the Courmayeur Mont Blanc summit on the Italian mountain face. Rumours that the summit was reached before this date were possibly true due to the relentless races by brave climbers to cover all the Alps’ 4K-peaked wonders in the latter half of the 1800s and beyond.

The tour of Mont Blanc taken through Salamander Adventures is a fantastic way to find out more out the mountain peaks themselves, and also the surrounding villages and towns that lay at the base of the Mont Blanc massif’s cols and ridges, lakes and glaciers.

Covering a fantastic 165km, each part of the eleven-day organised tour will enable you to soak up the high altitude sunshine, rocky terrains, pastures, lakes and waterfalls. Salamander Adventuresitinerary will take you through three beautiful countries, each with their own customs and traditions – beginning in France, Switzerland and back over the border again into Italy.

Seeing is believing, and once one is a few days immersed into this Alpine trek, with the magic and freshness, purity and unspoilt landscapes that each group experiences making it rather easy to see why the tour of Mont Blanc is one of the most famous and well-loved trails of the entire planet. Couple this with fantastic food, drink, company, and charismatic, knowledgeable locals, the Salamander Adventures tour will prove simply unforgettable.

Salamander Adventure’s attention to detail is thorough and extensive, and its aim to help travellers become more acquainted with this incredible part of Europe is now totally possible.

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