The Grand Pilier D’Angle

The Grand Pilier d'Angle (4,243 m) is a buttress on the southern side of Mont Blanc in the Valley of Aosta, crossing over into the borders of beautiful Alpines of Italy. The summit is one of the Alps super ‘4k’ peaks, meaning they are over 4000m high with views stretching across the vast and regal Mont Blanc massif.

The first ascent of the pilier (the north-east face) itself was by Walter Bonatti and Toni Gobbi on 3 August, in 1957.  The Grand Pilier d’Angle is a notoriously tricky summit to reach, with many routes still being established.

The “Divine Providence” route was reached by the climbing partners, Patrick Gabarrou and Francoise Masingny in 1984, while the first successful solo ascent of this route wasn’t completed by Jean-Christophe Lafaille until 1990. Jean said at the time, “This route is the most complicated and involving in the whole of the Mont Blanc massif.”

As part of our trail, the Grand Pilier d’Angle is a summit to be enjoyed as a view from around 2500m. Our track will traverse the countries of France, Switzerland and Italy and this peak must be seen to be believed.

Italian Alps

With our experts at Salamander Mont Blanc Tours, you can learn much, providing the best on-hand, relevant knowledge about the area, facts and anecdotes to distract from tired knees until you reach your full potential and complete the 165km trek around the Mont Blanc massif.

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Our tour promises to highlight one of the world’s greatest’s treks – with rare and endemic species of Alpine vegetation, the stunning mountain goat, Ibex, flying fish and lizards, all within a few feet away. The awe-inspiring beauty that can be discovered in the French, Swiss and Italian Alps are probably unbeatable and certainly unforgettable.

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