Tour du Mont Blanc- Fear of Heights

Fear of Heights- Safety

The mountain trail ascends altitudes that can seem daunting to anyone who has a fear of heights. But it isn’t a problem, as the trail paths are well secured. There aren’t any obvious sheer drops that should worry hikers.

In any case, inexperienced mountain trekkers are advised to go in groups on a guided tour.

At Salamander Adventures, we organise guided tours led by highly experienced guides who are also international mountain leaders. Our tours have been designed with safety of our guests as a priority. Do let us know if you want to do the Tour du Mont Blanc with acrophobia.

Guided Tour du Mont Blanc

Our guided tours are organised for small groups of 6 to 14 trekkers. Along the 165 km trip, we have a built in rest day. The TMB walks afford trekkers the beauty of the massifs from various vantage spots; the charming settlements and alpine flowers present an attractive experience with a string of breath-taking views.

We have relationships with family-run hotels around the Tour du Mont Blanc that provide comfortable accommodation for your trip.

Hiking Safety Equipment

Walking the Tour du Mont Blanc, like any other hike, requires adequate preparation and planning. You will need to get some hiking gear ready.

The following is a good place to start:

Due to the varying weather temperatures, you will need to consider clothes for warm and cold periods. Warm headgear (balaclava), thick coats and gloves are necessary for the hike, and layered clothing makes it easy to adjust for warmer temperatures.

Ensure that your boots are strong and tough — appropriate for prolonged treks and waterproof.

For hot afternoons, bring a sunhat and sunglasses. Sun cream and lip balm are also useful throughout the trek.

If you have health issues, check with your doctor to declare if you are fit for the trip. The Tour du Mont Blanc isn’t a very strenuous walk but it’s always advisable to come with a first aid kit and your regular medication.

Tour du Mont Blanc Budget

If you have a fear of heights but would prefer a budget-plan trek, you may take our budget Tour du Mont Blanc package. Although it is self-guided, you have the option of going in a group. Ensure that you travel with more experienced trekkers who understand the safety precautions of a long-distance trek.

The trip affords you the same fun trekking experience with picturesque scenes and the fun of dorm accommodations. It is certainly a tour you can feel safe on even if you have a fear of heights. Choose the Tour du Mont Blanc.

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