Tour du Mont Blanc: Facts 

About the Name ‘Tour du Mont Blanc’

The Tour du Mont Blanc is the appropriate French name for the walk. Also condensed to ‘the Tour’ or TMB, the English equal of the name would be Tour of White Mountain, while the Italian equivalent is the Giro di Monte Bianco.

Tour du Mont Blanc Distance

The distance of the TMB from Les Houches around the Mont Blanc massif, and back again to Les Houches is approximately 170 km (110 miles).

How Long the Tour du Mont Blanc Expends

Depending on the fitness of the hikers, the weight of clothing and gear they are carrying, the trekking time, and the arrangement of the hiking days, the Tour du Mont Blanc takes between nine and twelve days to complete.

When to Go on Tour du Mont Blanc 

Summer is the best season. That is, between June and September when most of the snowcover on lower altitudes would have melted. The temperature around this time is also favourable, hovering between 10ºC to 27ºC in the valleys. It’s also during summer that most of the auberges are open.

Tour du Mont Blanc Elevation Facts 

  • Via the typical route, the highest point is 2,584m (8,478ft).
  • However, the Mont Blanc massif harbours eleven main high points, which are considerably higher in altitude than the Tour path—each of them are over 4,000 metres (13,123ft) high, with the peak of the Mont Blanc perching at 4,808m (15,777ft) above sea level, making it the highest point in the Alps and in western Europe.
  • The cumulative elevation gain (height gain) throughout the Tour du Mont Blanc is around 10,600m (35,000ft).
  • Here are other major high points along the Tour du Mont Blanc route, assuming you trek clockwise.
  • Lac Blanc (2,352m).
  • Col de Balme (2,191m)
  • Champex (1,486m).
  • La Fouly (1,600m).
  • Grand Col Ferret (2,532)
  • Col de la Seigne (2,516m)
  • Les Contamines (1,167m)
  • The Col du Bonhomme (2,479m).

Tour du Mont Blanc Glacier 

When on the Tour du Mont Blanc, you are bound to meet glaciers in abundance, since a large percentage of the Mont Blanc massif is veiled by them. This is because of the high altitude of the massif. The two impressive glaciers to expect are the Miage Glacier, the longest glacier in Italy, and the Mer de Glace, the longest in France.

Tour Du Mount Blanc Wildlife

The Tour will captivate you with sightings of various species of wild animals like chamois, ibexes, nuthatches, red deer, marmots, and more.

Tour Du Mount Blanc Accommodation

The accommodation options along the Tour Du Mount Blanc route are assorted. There are quaint auberges (mountain refuges), and there are luxury hotels (some offer 4-star accommodations). There are also chalets, hostels, and gîtes. Or you could even camp out.

The Tour Du Mount Blanc has more to offer—adventures, tales, beautiful landscapes, majestic waterfalls, mountain lakes, colourful meadows, enchanting forests, and much more. Join one of Salamander Adventures’ Tour Dun Mount Blanc and experience the many wonders of the Mont Blanc’s side of the Alps. These Mont Blanc facts have hopefully sparked your interest in this wonderful adenture.

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