Tour du Mont Blanc – Q & A – Part 1

News Headline: Tour Du Mont Blanc - Q & A - Part 1 Article Description: The Tour du Mont Blanc is traditionally a hiking trail and this is what most people do. However, in recent years some people have cycled the route using mountain bikes. It is certainly not possible on a road bike as the terrain is rough underfoot and very little of the route is actually on roads. For those who choose to cycle the route on a mountain bike, you need to be very fit, be experienced on this kind of terrain and have the requisite mountain skills and knowledge in case of poor weather or an emergency. It is a specialist off-road route and should take around four days to complete the full 165km route. Published Date: 2017-11-13 Modified Date: 2018-01-15 Publisher Name: tour du mont blanc Logo URL: Logo Width: 300 Logo Height: 148

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