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    You should hope to trek in T-shirts and shorts. However, as with all mountain ranges, there can be significant changes in temperature and the weather. Higher altitudes mean cooler temperatures and it can get windy at the mountain passes, so come prepared. It is not uncommon to get a dusting of snow on the higher passes, even in August.


    • Good walking boots: leather or fabric and should be worn-in before you arrive
    • Full set of good-quality waterproofs. Gore-Tex or e-Vent recommended: a ‘pac-a-mac’ is not good enough
    • Walking trousers or skirt
    • Shorts
    • T-shirts
    • Warmer tops that includes a jumper or fleece jacket
    • Sun hat, sun cream, sunglasses
    • Warm woolly hat and gloves
    • Rucsac with enough room to carry a few clothes plus other items for the periods when you do not have access to your main luggage: 40 litres is recommended
    • Water bottle


    • Torch
    • Blister kit
    • Personal medicine
    • Camera

    Over-night stops when you do not have your main luggage

    • Change of underwear, socks and T-shirt
    • Basic toiletries

    Self-guided budget TMB

    • For the nights in dormitories, duvets and/or blankets are provided. However, may like to take your own sheet sleeping bag
    • Small towel or easi-dry towel
    • Although it may be cold outside at night, it will be very warm inside and so down jackets are not needed

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